Corona Virus Safety

This page will be used to inform members about the current training situation with respect to safety relating to the corona virus.

Guidance of national governing bodies is being followed, click here to view the BAB COVID-19 Hub

Our COVID 19 Officer is Daren Sims

We are looking to shortly resume training under "Stage 2" of the guidance of the BAB.

Stage 2 – (Socially Distanced Training)

 Resumption of Training in compliance with Government safe distancing requirements which will allow non-contact activities such as; Exercises, Ukemi, Jo and Boken Kata and shadow/solo training.

 Resumption of BAB Membership Registrations (including Insurance) plus Venue Insurance.

 Guidelines for Associations, Clubs and Individual Members on the requirements for the resumption of training within BAB Clubs.

 Risk Assessments - In addition to compliance with the BAB’s own Risk Assessment Policy and practices an additional Risk Assessment needs to be undertaken to respond to the specific threat posed by the coronavirus. Any remedial action required is to be implemented before any return to training.

 Club Declaration Form - Clubs must also confirm their compliance, at all times, with Government and BAB Guidelines on health and hygiene and safe distancing, by completing and returning the Declaration Form to the BAB Secretary

 Members Opt-In Club Declaration Form, (Attached). - Whilst Associations and Clubs are required to take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of infection from the COVID-19 virus, during training sessions, individual members must recognise that an inherent risk remains for the potential to contract or pass on the virus.

In accordance with the practice being adopted throughout the sporting sector all individual members of the BAB are required to complete the Opt-In declaration Form which should be retained by the Association Registrar.

Documents (pdf)