Daren Sims

Daren holds 5th dan in Aikido and 1st dan in jujutsu. With many years of Aikido teaching experience he is a senior coach within the National Aikido Federation and a Certified Coach within the British Aikido Board (National Governing Body).

Leighton Felson

Leighton Felson holds 3rd dan in Aikido as well as 2nd kyu (Blue belt) in jujutsu.

He has practiced Aikido since 1993 and had Coaching Level 1 qualification from BAB. He has taught classes since 2003.

A renowned fitness fanatic, Leighton bring experience from a variety of fitness classes to bear in his warm ups as well as using his experience from boxing & grappling classes

Rich Hobbs

Rich has been pursuing aikido since 2004 and is happy to cover classes when Daren or Leighton need him to as well as running an informal study group looking into training body skills which compliment and enhance martial arts practice.

Stuart Turner

Stuart holds 2nd dan in aikido and has also spent around fifteen years studying t’ai chi ch’uan. He has a particular interest in the use of weapons within aikido and the way in which they supplement the empty-handed work.